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After transferring from the University of California–Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies, Will received his BA in English (Creative Writing emphasis) from the Metropolitan State College of Denver, with a psychology minor and a 3.74 GPA. Completed an additional 32 credit-hours in teacher education on the Elementary licensure track, also at Metropolitan State.


Work Experience

Copywriter/Proofreader, Sports Authority

Ensured consistency of style and message content across all advertisements in deadline-driven environment with up to 12 concurrent projects at any one time. Wrote headlines and subheads. Prepared and delivered manuscripts. Tracked changes throughout project cycle and across revisions. Coordinated with colleagues, marketing managers, and graphic artists to resolve errors.

Editor, Sopris West Educational Services

Conducted comprehensive copyediting and proofreading for teachers’ guides and student reading material used in the Read Well K program, as well as short texts for K–2 students. Coordinated extensively with program authors.

Read Well K: A research-based, comprehensive, multi-component literacy program for kindergarten classroom curricula. Twenty units with teacher's guides, student readers, posters, cards, lap books, CD of songs, unit assessments, and blackline masters for activities.

Copy Editor, MicroMash (Thomson Tax & Accounting)

Edited interactive self-study CPE courses for certified public accountants. Interfaced with authors, technical editors, and graphic designers to analyze and correct issues and input changes in XML. Proofread, reviewed, and tested final copy and software products with a focus on improving layout and appearance of textual and graphical elements. Created marketing copy and supplemental PDF documents.

Assistant Managing Editor, Fantastic Media

Built a successful record of achievement and advancement with this operator of licensed global fan clubs (Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Lord of the Rings) and publisher of media magazines and books. Worked as production coordinator, circulation manager, and advertising sales. Proofread Star Trek Communicator magazine. Wrote, edited, and proofread for Star Wars Kids magazine and worked extensively on preparations for a Harry Potter kids' magazine.

Writing Credits

(Kono Magazine Corp.)

The martial arts lifestyle magazine for kids.

  • Issue 11: Legends & History: "Western Martial Arts"
  • Issue 12: Legends & History: "Silat"
  • Issue 13: Legends & History: "Gracie Jiu-Jitsu"
  • Issue 14: Legends & History: "Tai Chi"
Archaeology's Dig
(Archaeological Institute of America)
  • December 2000/January 2001: "Games People Played"

    In ancient times, there was no Monopoly, Clue, or Candyland. But thousands of years ago, people throughout the world still played fun, fascinating board games.

Star Wars Kids

The magazine for young Jedi Knights (ages 7–12). Filled with fun and informative articles about our own world, on topics tangentially related to Star Wars, as well as the science-fiction world of George Lucas.

  • Issue 10: "Bizarre Bazaar"
  • Issue 10: "Diggin' Up Bones!" (with Jessee Parish)
  • Issue 11: "Life on the Edge"
  • Issue 11: "Darth Vader vs. Darth Maul: The Ultimate Grudge Match" (with Pamela Roller)
  • Issue 11: "Star Wars Fun 'N' Games Page" (with Robert Rath)
  • Issue 12: "6 Degrees of the Jedi" (with Pamela Roller)
  • Issue 12: "Trivia Blast!"
  • Issue 13: "Alien 'A-List' Crossword" (activity)
  • Issue 13: "Pirates!"
  • Issue 13: "Treasure Hunt!" (activity) (with Robert Rath)
  • Issue 13: "Earthly Aliens"
  • Issue 14: "Morphin' Magic"
  • Issue 14: "Speed Mania!"
  • Issue 14: "The Red Planet Revealed!" (with Deborah Fisher)
  • Issue 15: "Jar Jar's Journey" (with Charles Howell) (activity)
  • Issue 15: "Meet Watto!"
  • Issue 15: "Midnight Madness!" (crossword)
  • Issue 15: "Sneaky Sebulba's Word Search" (activity)

Areas of Special Interest/Knowledge

  • Accounting/Taxation/Auditing
  • Astronomy
  • Literature
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Anthropology/Prehistory
  • Paleontology
  • Numismatics
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Science Fiction
  • Children's Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Comedy/Satire
  • Weight Training

Certifications and Recognition

Certifications received from Brainbench in 2004:

In 2009 Will received ETS's Recognition of Excellence on the Praxis Series Elementary Education: Content Knowledge test.

Intelligent Editing
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