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Substantive Editing
If your manuscript has not yet been reviewed by a third party, you need substantive editing. Substantive editing helps you nail down the organization and tone of your piece. It helps you identify extraneous material, passages or sections that need revision, topics that could be further developed, and places where more explanation is needed. At this stage of editing, Will carries out significant revision at the paragraph level to liven up dull introductions, frame information more clearly or communicate a message more strongly, and better "hook" the reader. As well as "big picture" feedback on your work, substantive editing also includes aspects of copyediting.

If you have reviewed and revised your manuscript at least once (hopefully more) and believe that it does not need any further development or suggestions, copyediting will help you tighten up your prose. When copyediting, Will aims to eliminate redundancies and reduce the use of jargon; improve word choice; and streamline clunky sentences. He changes passive to active voice (where appropriate) and ensures that complex sentences and lists are structured correctly. You can also count on Will to standardize your punctuation and to check facts. After copyediting, you will be given a "style sheet" as a guide to spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation of certain words, as well as to the preferred treatment of other items. This is meant as a reference for you or anyone else who might make changes to the manuscript (e.g., the proofreader), to ensure consistency throughout the work.

If your manuscript has already been copyedited or if your publication is already laid out, you may need only proofreading. The point of proofreading is to catch any mistakes and ensure consistency. Proofreading may include light copyediting, to really polish the work to a shine. Unlike editing, proofreading usually involves pen and paper—that is, marking up a hard copy. It's the final step before you show your writing to the world.


  • Proofreading: $35 per hour (average 8–12 pages)
  • Copyediting: $40 per hour (average 6–8 pages double spaced, 12-point type)
  • Substantive Editing: $50 per hour (average 2–5 pages double spaced, 12-point type)

Minimum charge 1 hour.


Per page editing rates or hourly rates may be quoted if desired.

Rates will tend to be higher for authors for whom English is a second language (as more work is usually involved) or for works that contain many quotations or include a lengthy bibliography (as extra effort must be spent verifying quotes, checking citations, and researching details of publication).

Depending on the circumstances, you may be asked to pay part of the estimated cost before work begins.

Intelligent Editing
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